Ramsey – We need to carry on winning

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The Welsh midfielder believes that Arsenal’s work ethic was the key to Sunday’s victory over in the Premier League. Ramsey insists it’s paramount that the Gunners repeat that level of effort throughout the season after slipping up in recent league games against West Ham and Chelsea.

Arsenal blew Manchester United away after scoring three goals in the first twenty minutes, with Manchester United unable to reply. This moved the Gunners up to second place which leaves them only two points behind .

“Our main aim was to press high up and win the ball back in dangerous areas. We knew we could capitalise on that and we did it,” Ramsey said at the final whistle.

“The work ethic of the whole team was brilliant today and that’s what we need to keep doing throughout the whole season to be successful.

“Hopefully now at home we can make a bit of a run and keep this up. The work-rate we showed today is what we have got to show week win, week out.”

“Yes, I think we are in a good position, we are on a good run in the league, hopefully we can keep that up. We need to get back to winning ways in the now as well. We are still in all of the competitions. We want to compete in all of them.

“It’s always nice to beat Manchester United and we will enjoy this win tonight.”

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