Gabriel – I thought the fans would hate me after Costa incident

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After being sent off against Chelsea only a couple of weeks ago, the Brazilian has spoke to ESPN Brazil about the incident saying he was scared that the Arsenal faithful would hate him after the game. The centre-back signed from Villarreal in January 2015 and made his 50th appearance for the club in the recent 3-0 win against , and has played a main part of Arsenal’s season so far.


“As I walked off after being sent off against Chelsea I thought the fans would hate me,” he said, “but the support was unbelievable.


“I have been tested by Costa before in Spain, I think he knows that we were causing him issues, but this is life, we move on. I should have listened to my manager and Cech when they said not to react to Costa.


“We will play again,” he said sounding very much like a man who would be into the idea of some revenge, undoubtedly served cold.

He’s also spoken about his life at Arsenal, and how he’s learning defending from both and , and some key commands from the man in goal.


“I want to stay here for a very long time, I don’t speak the language yet but I feel at home and this club is perfect for me.


“Having two players to learn from like Per and Laurent is a gift from God. I am shadowing them and picking up lots of things. Iwant to learn more from Laurent he is really good at coming from behind and taking the ball, I’d like to bring that to my game


“Cech is a great keeper he talks to me a lot, I have learnt a few phrases that I know he will say, he is a leader.”

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