Walcott – I’ve got Henry and Alexis to thank for recent form

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The Arsenal forward says advice from the Arsenal manager and , as well as being around , has helped shape him into the player he has this season.

With Walcott starting regularly in the forward position this season, the 26-year-old has been getting a lot of praise for his four goals in the last seven games and work rate.

The English forward spoke to the Mirror while on international duty, he said regular conversations with Henry has helped him progress a lot as a player:

“Having Thierry at the club now, I have been chatting to him on a personal level behind the scenes to learn things from him.

“He’s with the under-18s and, at times, I think some of them don’t even know who he is! I’ve had quite a few words with him about some of the games I’ve played.

“He has just given me his analysis on myself and, if I’ve needed to ask him some questions about it, he’s always there. That’s what coaches are there for.

“I think, sometimes, you see this generation of players, they’re actually scared to go up to coaches and ask something.”

On the subject of being asked by to change the way he plays, he added: “Going back to the question about when it clicked about going up front, that was one of the things Arsene wanted me to do – to be more aggressive on the pitch. And maybe he’s sensed that I’ve had more aggression.

“I actually said, ‘Do you want me to get stuck into people?’ That was my reaction. He said, ‘No, I’m not saying that’. He wanted me to be more aggressive, in terms of running at players, closing them down, tracking back, being there and in their faces.”

Walcott also spoke about Arsenal’s in form man Alexis Sánchez:

“When I first saw Alexis Sanchez join the club, I thought, ‘Wow, yeah, this is a big statement’. Then, actually seeing in the flesh what he does – you see a winner there.

“He wants to win and he wants to achieve things. And, with that work-rate, if he can do it, then why can’t I do it?

“Maybe that was missing a few years ago. Now, I’ve really thought, ‘I need to step up’ and players like that help.”

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