Wenger – I didn’t want to disturb Sánchez’s flow by resting him

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After the Gunners produced a superb 3-0 performance against , scoring all three goals in the second half the manager went on to talk about Sanchez. The Chilean forward was the first to break down the Watford defence after pouncing on a loose ball as went over in what looked to be a certain penalty.


Giroud came off the bench shortly after the first goal replacing Walcott and went on to make it two nil to the Gunners, before Ramsey wrapped it up with a third goal.


This is what Wenger had to say about the star man’s performance:

I like to watch football and that is what you want when you watch him play. That is delightful.


Wenger was questioned on whether he thought about dropping Sanchez after the forward played with a knock for Chile in the international break:

I did. Yesterday in the training session he looked quite sharp and the medical people told me he has no problem at all, then I thought I would test if he is ready and if he was not ready I would take him out. But sometimes it is easier to start the game and take the players off than when you go into the game a little bit tired, because you go with the game. So I decided to go for that.


I believe every player hates not playing but as well you have periods as a player. When a player is on a scoring moment then sometimes the flow can be disturbed. That is why I left him in.

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