Wenger – Arsenal are capable to deal with Bayern threat

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The Arsenal manager believes the Gunners are much more capable to deal with the threat of than when they’ve played the German Champions in the past. However Bayern Munich are yet to lose in the Bundesliga or this season, but Wenger says Arsenal’s recent performances in the can gives them confidence to claim their first win in Group F after recent wins against Watford and Manchester United.


“[There was] the one that won the treble with Ribery at full power, Robben at full power and Kroos, Schweinsteiger and Muller in midfield so I believe we have played good Bayern sides and got good results against them.

“We have the needed belief and confidence that we are doing something right so that helps.

“We maybe could be a little suspected of not taking the first two games seriously enough but this time that is not the threat.


“Let’s take the positives of our Premier League [form] and as well get the right focus that you get when you play a big opponent.

“We have some ground to make up in Europe as we have not been at our requested level in our first two games.

“Our focus has been much stronger in the Premier League than it has been in Europe and we know in this game the focus needs to be exactly the same than in the in Premier League.”

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