Thierry Henry still wanting to manage Arsenal

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The legend says that he still wants to manage the club in the future, despite leaving his coaching role to continue his punditry work with Sky Sports. Wenger offered Thierry a full time position at the club, but Henry decided he wanted to carry on with his punditry work and passed on the opportunity despite having managerial ambitions in the future.


In a recent interview with ‘The Sun’ he said that he respected Wenger’s decision, but still has ambitions to become the Arsenal manager:


“I would be lying if I said it wasn’t a wish that I have because I love Arsenal,”
“The game is my passion and always will be. I would like to manage but I am far from it. Although I am able to manage any team now I would still like to pass my Pro License that I’m working on to give me a better all-round knowledge.
“I am in the process of doing that.”


He also talks about how he feels he needs to do a lot more work, although it might not be at Arsenal and that he would continue to support the team:


“There is a massive difference between a wish and doing it,” he said.
“I felt I could add something to the kids and I could also gain valuable experience myself.
“If it’s not to be there, then so be it. I have to respect the situation and that is the way it is. I will continue to support the team and wish them all the best for this season.”

Thierry currently has four years left on his deal with Sky Sports; with the Frenchman netting £4 million a year from the TV broadcaster. The Arsenal legend was also a pundit for the BBC in the recent French Euros.

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