The Wales manager will take on Arsenal’s Ramsey injury advice

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Chris Coleman the Wales manager has said that he hopes Ramsey will play some part in today’s match against Tottenham Hotspur, in the hope that he can get some game time ahead of the international break.

Aaron has missed a lot of games for his country after the Welshman injured his hamstring on the first game of the season. The Wales manager has said that he’ll need to listen to the advice of the Arsenal medical staff in how to manage the player and how much game time he should be playing. However he seems to be frustrated at the player’s fitness concerns:

“Whatever Arsenal say to us – this is what he’s capable of – we won’t go against that.

“We’ve never done that with any player.

“Whatever they say he’s capable of, and whatever Aaron says he’s capable of, that’s what will happen.


The midfielder hasn’t played a full 90 minutes of football for the Gunners this season. After coming back from injury he managed thirteen minutes against Sunderland and then another seventy five minutes against .

“I hope he does play (against Spurs). I can see the physical element will be a little bit tasty, but I think that will be good for him and hopefully he will come through it and be right for our game.


Most of the blame for Ramsey’s recent injury has been pointed towards Chris Coleman, this is how the manager responds:

“The finger was pointed towards us and I had an issue with that, but I dealt with it,” he continued.

“He’s Arsenal’s player, he doesn’t belong to us. But I do protect my medical team because I know how hard they worked with Aaron, and I know that they would never take a chance.

“We can’t afford to burn our bridges with any club and disrespect them but what we do is protect ourselves because we do protect the players.

“It’s not in our interest to send injured players back because we won’t get them again.”