Walcott surprised by Tottenham’s tactical decision

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The winger has said that the Gunners were surprised by Tottenham’s decision to play three centre-backs in the weekends North London derby.


The Tottenham manager decided to start Kevin Wimmer, Eric Dier and Jan Vertonghen at the back to try and stop the Gunners breaking through. The tactic seemed to have worked, with Arsenal managing to only score one goal.


Theo didn’t play the full 90 minutes for the Gunners; however he managed to have one of Arsenal’s best chances in the match when he rattled the crossbar. This is what he had to say about Pochettin’s tactical decision:


“It did, completely,” in reference to the tactical decision taking them by shock


“Middlesbrough did that against us,” he added. “Lots of teams are starting to do that now, with probably the best at doing it at the moment.


“It was difficult to break them down but it was one of those games where there weren’t that many chances. I hit the post and maybe Olivier on another day would’ve had more luck, but it’s probably a good result in the end.”


Arsenal got the opening goal in the game in the form of an own goal. However Tottenham managed to equalise through a Harry Kane penalty in the 51th minute after Laurent Koscielny brought down Dembele inside the box, leaving the referee with no choice.


Walcott has said that the timing of the goal took away Arsenal’s momentum to go on and win the game:


“The problem was that it was too early in the second half. We normally start the second half better than that and the guys will be disappointed with the way we started it.


“It took us a lot to get going and they had the confidence when they had the penalty. We found it difficult to win the ball back but overall we managed to hold on in there. It’s one of those games where the draw was always going to happen.


Then the Englishman went to say on what he thought of the game as a whole:


“We always want to win these games. It’s very disappointing to not get the win with our home support. The fans were fantastic from kick-off until the end and were behind us all the way.


“We couldn’t get the result unfortunately. They all wanted the bragging rights. These games hurt me more than any other game. When you look at how tight the is and the teams that are fighting for the Premier League, you probably think this is a good result.”

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