Arsenal roundup, Alexis and Gazidas

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Alexis Sanchez has told the press that he’s made up his mind on where he’ll play football next season. This means that it’s most likely that Arsenal have made the player their final offer and the other clubs that are interested have spoken with his agent. With Bayern Munich out of the race due to the cost of the player and stating they’re increasingly confident that they can sign the player, it looks to be a two-horse race between Arsenal and the North West Club.


I wrote a piece for Angry of Islington yesterday on the reasons why we should keep Alexis until the end of his contract and then let him go on a free, providing he still wants to leave. Though with him publicly stating that he’s made his mind up, I think it’ll look unlikely that will want to keep him against his will.


Apart from the Alexis news, Arsenal’s CEO Ivan Gazidas spoke to fans yesterday during a fans Q&A. Normally these things are a nothing affair with the CEO normally giving nonsensical answers, there were a few quotes that stood out. He was stated as saying “we’re not looking to add more squad depth now, we’re looking at players who can come in and compete for a starting position.”. This is shown in the big targets we’ve been after players such as Thomas Lemar, Kylian Mbappe and Riyad Mahrez. Although some of these might be young, you must be sure that all three would come straight into the starting line-up. Though if we want some actual change and progress then we need first team players and not those that will just be rotational players.


The CEO was also asked about the catalyst for change that he made reference to when Arsene Wenger signed a new contract. Although he talked about appointments from behind the scenes such as the signing of a new contract negotiator and also a new performance coach, we still haven’t appointed a new academy director since Andries Jonker left. Though he said there will be more appointments in the near future, and hopefully he’ll be able to bring in a few fresh faces as well.