Alex Sanchez – Will he stay or will he go?

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The Mirror has reported that the Gunners are willing to sell the Chilean to for £80m, with the player having already agreed on a deal with the club. The negotiating started out at £50m, though are waiting out till the figure reaches £80m.


The article also points out that sources close to Alexis Sanchez, however legitimate that might be have said he’s mainly motivated by wanting to play in the Champions League. This being the first season that we haven’t qualified for in twenty years. Earlier on this month, it was reported that the player wanted £400k a week to stay, but that might have just been those higher up at Arsenal that was wanting the fans to think of the player of being greedy and not wanting Arsenal fans to despise the club for selling their best player once again. This is something that they’ve done with previous players, to try and appease the fans.


However, money will be no issue for the North West club and if the forward wants £400k a week, I’m sure Manchester City will happily give it to him. Though it will all depend whether the Blues do meet Arsenal’s valuation of £80 million to whether Wenger will sanction the deal.


Most Arsenal fans would agree that we still can’t let the player go, it’s not possible to give him the wages he’s asking because if we do it means that we’ll have to increase the wages of every other player who’s now been underpaid at the club. So it means that if we want him to stay has to sit the player down and say to him that he can’t move to Manchester City, I still don’t think that he’s the sort of player that will refuse to play and kick up a fuss, even Arsenal legend Martin Keown agrees, though others might differ on that opinion.


So now it leaves the manager with two feasable options, either sell him now and try and reinvest the cash, or keep him one more year and let him leave on a free next season.