Arsenal 0 – Stoke City 1: Player Ratings

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 After getting off to a good start for the first time in a long with a win against Leicester last week, we seem to have undone all the good work once again. Although losing against Stoke away is quite predictable, it still was our own doing.


Petr Cech – 7

Arsenal’s number one didn’t have much to do for the first half, Stoke didn’t test him at all. Although he did concede in the second half there’s not much he could have done about it and it’s more down to Monreal for the mistake.


Shkodran Mustafi – 7

He really needs to learn to stay on his feet, made quite a few mistakes in the first half. Looked the most comfortable of all the three centre-backs.


Nacho Monreal – 6.5

Strange to see him playing at centre back again, although it’s not ideal he did well in the first half. However, all eyes will be pointed towards him for Stokes goal, with the player looking for an offside instead of watching the player.


Sead Kolasinac – 6.5

It would be nice to see our new signing playing in his correct position and not as part of the centre-back trio. He was unfortunate to come off, but it was needed to move into a more attacking formation.


Hector Bellerin – 6

Didn’t have a great first half, would much rather see Chamberlain in that right wing back position and drop the Spaniard to the bench.


Aaron Ramsey – 7

The Welshman played well in the first half and found himself in lots of good positions. Could have found himself on the scoresheet but was unlucky with his shot.


Granit Xhaka – 6.5

Poor in the first half and didn’t manage to keep hold of the ball well, all his through balls in the first half seemed to be overpowered. Was wise of Wenger to bring him off as he was one of the poorest players in an shirt.


Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain – 8

Looked well all game, he should really be playing in the wing back position and drop Bellerin to the bench. He seemed the only one who could be bothered to run at the defence, hope he does stay this season.


Mesut Ozil – 7

He’s a pleasure to watch but he seems to back out of any challenge that could hurt him in any way. Really think we need Alexis back for the player to be at his full potential.


Danny Welbeck – 7

Played well and had a chance to score, though the finish let him down. He’s not a bad alternative to have behind the forward when Alexis is injured.


Alexandre Lacazette – 6.5

Most officials would have called his goal on side, although it wasn’t, very close. Nothing seemed to work for the forward today, but there wasn’t much support at all.


Alex Iwobi – 6

Olivier Giroud – 6.5

Theo Walcott – 6

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4 Responses

  1. Mike

    Are you serious with these ratings? We’ve lost the match and you’re giving the lost score on the squad a 6? Welbeck has been given a 7 when he’s done absolutely nothing?

    • Your Daily Arsenal

      Hi Mike, I meant to give Welbeck a 6, he did get in a lot of good positions but his finishing was very pooor.

  2. Half Arsed

    We have a huge problem if we want to play out of the back when we have Ramsey in the squad. He is basically never there. When our defence has the ball, he is already up there in a very forward position. I don’t know if this is planned or he is glory hunting, but when this situation occurs and we are put under pressure, we Xhaka cannot cope with it. At the same time, our 2 wing backs are not really supporting the defence and the CMs which removes options.

    We can complain about the poor decisions by the ref all we want, but we really need to find our identity. Either play Ramsey and Giroud together and boot the ball up skipping our midfield, or tell Ramsey to stay the fuck back supporting Xhaka to create a channel to our forward players.

    I know Arsene loves Ramsey so if he is going to play him in the CM role, he needs to play like a CM supporting the other CM and also our wing backs. Also, he should stop hovering around the opponents box. Aaron doesn’t have the skill or speed to dribble past player, nor he doesn’t have a good passing ability. Another thing he lacks is the power to hold the ball up making him useless to be in around the box early.

    He is definitely the most deadly when he make late runs into the box as we seen a few times today. He didn’t manage to score today but he did when we won the FA cup with a similar type run. He has a great eye for exploiting holes in the opponents defence but he can’t do this when he is too forward as he will already be picked up by a defender.

    • Your Daily Arsenal

      Who would your ideal centre midfield partnership be? Could you see Wilshere coming back into the team?