Arsenal – Liverpool: Match Preview

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Firmino, Maneee, Salahhh, Sturridgeee, 4 a sorry nil.


Remember the game in August, the same one when we looked so disorganized that frankly, players and the manager should have offered an apology.  Those wounds are fresh in our minds and today is the chance for redemption.


The same game was the last time we saw Oxlade Chamberlain play in our colours and tonight he may against us. Ox was always a mixed bag, from the sublime display at the AllArenaarena against Bayern, to a lot of absurd games as well when he played for us. He never truly cemented his position, neither as a winger nor as a CDM and maybe Wenger takes a part of the blame in it for he sowed the seed in his mind that he could play in midfield. Ox never looked the part a his decision making left a lot to be desired. Never mind for now he isn’t ours and we dont need to boo him tonight, we can just ignore.


Back to the game and it is a perennial question of a back three or back four. Also, can Xhaka and Jack play in a pivot and more so do their defensive duties? Both the questions have no clear answers and I won’t be surprised if Wenger as well is unsure, not a good way to look at it either way. It won’t be surprising as well if we see a midfield 3 of Elneny/Xhaka and Wilshere starting.


Mustafi should be returning to the starting 11 and the waning Kos needs to have a solid game against the famed pool forward line up. Bellerin must keep his head firmly where it needs to be and will Arsene spring a surprise and play Niles to counter Salah? Not a good idea I think and i say with due respect to Maitland. The boy may have nightmares if he has a bad game; remember Chambers against Montero a few seasons back!!!!


The front three pick themselves and I am praying Alexis has a game to remember than to forget which more often has been the case this season. Lacazette should get his 90 minutes finally and Mesut needs to have another blinder of a game.


Overall two teams playing catch up and scurrying for the top 4 places is a stark reminder of how the mighty have fallen. Can Arsenal rise above Liverpool and the recent mediocrity they seem to have developed or will the North-West club and Salah have the last laugh? One thing for sure, this won’t be a dull drab.


Prediction- 2-2, both defences are average, hence goals guaranteed.

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