Arsenal fans plan protest against Norwich

With Saturday’s game against Norwich soon approaching two of the main Arsenal supporter’s groups: ‘REDaction’ and ‘Black Scarf Movement’, along with Arsenal fanzine ‘The Gooner’ have announced details of a protest to take place during the match at the Emirates.


They’re wanting fans to display a sign which reads ‘Time for change – Arsenal is Stale – Fresh approach needed’.


REDaction say on their blog:


“We have an absentee owner who takes money from the club whilst not engaging with fans. We have a manager who won’t use the resources available to him, to strengthen a squad which everybody can see needs investment.


“Throw in some of the highest ticket prices in world football. And, all of the Groundhog seasons, where it’s clear that the fans’ ambitions are not matched by those in charge.”


This is what the Black Scart Movement’s statement says:


“Whether it’s the manager, whether Stan Kroenke has to go and whether the Board needs shaking up and reminding that we’re a FOOTBALL club, change is needed at Arsenal. A fresh approach to bring some excitement back to this great club of ours.”


Both supporters groups are asking fans to hold up the sign up on the 12th minute, the 78th minute and also on the final whistle. This is to represent that it has been 12 years since the Gunners have managed to win the league.

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