Arsenal player blasts Champions League performance

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It looks like Arsenal will face a big struggle to qualify for the knockout stage of the Champions League after their 3-2 defeat at the Emirates Stadium against Olympiacos last night. The Gunners currently sit bottom of their group with 0 points, with Bayern Munich storming ahead on 6 points after their 5-0 win over Dinamo Zagreb. Following them is both Olympiakos and Dinamo Zagreb who have three points apiece.

This was certainly not what the Arsenal captain wanted ahead of the big clash with Manchester United at the Emirates on Sunday.

Mertesacker says the team fell below the required standard and must respond quickly:

“First of all, we are disappointed because we started quite well, especially on the break after they had set-pieces,” he told Arsenal Player.


“We lacked that concentration and it is not understandable why we drifted and did not do the job we are used to doing. That is not acceptable and we will be punished [for that] in the Champions League.


“We need to get behind the ball and play better defensively. We lacked discipline, even when you get a goal back don’t rush yourself. Get your discipline back and with possession you get your chances. If we are not disciplined and do not chase the ball we have got no chance.


“We have got a couple of days to look back on that performance,” added Mertesacker.


“I think everyone will have regrets and it is good to take that away.


“It will take a couple of days to recover and to think about Manchester United and play in a different competition, which will be a good opportunity to come back to the Emirates and play our football with possession and dynamism.”

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  1. no accountability form the players. They all need a kick in the pants except for Sanchez and Willcot who played their hearts off. Wenger needs his head “examined” and needs to explain what a must win game is when you play your second string Goalkeeper.

  2. Wenger must be sacked….. You care about urself not for the fans,,,,,, buy players, you didn’t,,,, fuckoff!!!

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