Arsenal 1 – West Brom 3: Player Ratings

Arsenal had as many shots on target as there were planes flying over the Hawthorns. I think that’s all that needs to be said about today’s performance.


Petr Cech – 6.5

Made some big saves, however he was brought off quite early with an injury, it’s yet to be seen how long he’ll be out for.


Hector Bellerin – 6.5
Played well going forward down the right hand side, yet he struggled to keep up with the Baggies attack.


Shkodran Mustafi – 6
Really struggled in the air today, he shouldn’t be conceding three goals against a poor West Brom team.


Laurent Koscielny – 7

Definitely the better out of the centre back pairing, although he’ll be disappointed on how the team managed to defend set pieces.


Nacho Monreal – 7
Tried to get the team going again after the third goal, though he should have been quicker to close down the crosses coming into the box.


Aaron Ramsey – 6.5
Hasn’t looked anywhere near to the ability he showed at the Euro’s, looks like a shadow of himself.


Granit Xhaka – 7.5
Managed to get the assist for the Alexis goal, with a beautiful ball behind the defensive line. He also managed to not pick up a yellow card, which is somewhat of an achievement for the player.


Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain– 6
Was at fault for the third goal, however he looked like one of Arsenal’s biggest threats going forward.


Alexis Sanchez – 8

Scored Arsenal’s only goal and carried the Arsenal team like normal. However soon after he managed to get injured and it looks like he could be out for a while.


Danny Welbeck – 7
Managed to hit the bar in the second half with a bullet of a header, but he hardly had any room or created anything else for the rest of the match.


Theo Walcott – 6
His performance won’t have Southgate regretting his decision to leave him out of the England squad.


Alex Iwobi – 6
Olivier Giroud – 6
Ospina – 5.5


Arsenal 5– Lincoln City 0: Player Ratings

That’s exactly what the Gunners were after, a convincing win and a place at Wembley, with one step closer to silverware.


Petr Cech – 7
Didn’t have much to do, however, he made some strong saves in the first half to keep Lincoln out.


Hector Bellerin – 8
Was great going forward with the ball, made us a real threat down the right-hand side.


Shkodran Mustafi – 7
Lincoln didn’t trouble the centre back, the only incident he was involved in was when he got an elbow in the face early on.


Laurent Koscielny – 7.5
Played well, whether that’s because the Lincoln offence was poor or his defending was top notch.


Kieran Gibbs – 8
Played well down the left-hand side and managed to get an assist for the own goal.


Aaron Ramsey – 8.5
He couldn’t finish any of his chances, although he still managed to get a goal and have a 92% successful pass rate.


Granit Xhaka – 7
Managed to get the play going from far back and had a great passing range, but like normal he managed to pick up a yellow card early on.


Alex Oxlade Chamberlain– 6
Was doing well, but a hamstring opportunity forced him off before half-time.


Alexis Sanchez – 9.5
Played great in the second half and mediocre in the first. Managed to get a goal and his exceptional free kick rocked the woodwork.


Olivier Giroud – 8
Got a goal and managed to hold up the player well for the other forwards.


Theo Walcott – 8.5
One of our most threatening forwards and managed to break the deadlock early on, so that the goals kept on coming in.


Lucas Perez – 6.5
Mesut Ozil – 7.5
Francis Coquelin – 7

Arsenal 1– Liverpool 3: Player Ratings

This game might have been the final straw for Arsenal fans still backing the manager, the team started horrendously but got slightly better in the second half with the emergence of Alexis Sanchez, but still nowhere near good enough against a weak Liverpool side.


Petr Cech – 5

Couldn’t do much about any of Liverpool’s three goals, however, made some decent saves. Still, the keeper hasn’t done anything to turn anyone’s heads.


Hector Bellerin – 4.5

The Spaniard played well going forward, however like most of Arsenal’s players he really lacked composure in the final third.


Shkodran Mustafi – 5

Played okay, but then again we did concede three goals against a poor Liverpool team.


Laurent Koscielny – 5.5

Not the Koscielny we’re used to seeing, missed the header which led to the first goal.


Nacho Monreal – 5

We were really exposed down our left-hand side.


Francis Coquelin – 3

He really shouldn’t be starting anymore, the Frenchman has been really really poor of late.


Granit Xhaka – 4.5

He gets the attack going well, but both he and Coquelin left the defence far too exposed.


Alex Iwobi – 5

He shouldn’t be starting games (much like Coquelin), the player has bags of potential but needs to be taken out of the spotlight for a few games, especially when we have options like Perez on the bench.


Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain – 6

Played well but looked very tired.


Danny Welbeck – 7

A great finish for the goal, which looked like it might be the start of a comeback! However, it materialised into nothing.


Olivier Giroud – 6

The Frenchman played okay, definitely didn’t do anything to warrant him a place in the starting line-up. Though he hardly got any service for the whole match, so couldn’t do much about it.



Alexis Sanchez – 6

Theo Walcott – 2

Lucas Perez – 5

Arsenal 2– Sutton United 0: Player Ratings

That’s up there with the worse games of the season, we got the job done, however the performance was just awful. Here’s how I thought the individual players got on:


David Ospina – 6.5

He didn’t have too much to think about today, however he nearly had a howler when he gave the opposition the ball from a pass back.


Gabriel – 7

Still doesn’t look the most confident in the right back position, however the Sutton forwards didn’t cause him a problem.


Shkodran Mustafi – 7.5

Solid at the back, however he didn’t have too much to worry about, made a few good challenges.


Rob Holding – 7

Played well, however he did look shaky in some situations


Nacho Monreal – 7.5

Still think he should be first choice right back ahead of Gibbs and hopefully he’s proved himself tonight.


Mohamed Elneny – 6.5

Played okay in the midfield, managed a 83% pass ratio, however he only made one tackle


Granit Xhaka – 7

Got the assist and kept the ball well, however he always looks like he’s just waiting to get sent off.


Reine-Adelaide – 6.5

I don’t think he’s going to be making a break into the first time anytime soon. Played well and had a high pass percentage (94%), but didn’t really have an impact on the game.


Theo Walcott – 8

Managed to grab himself a goal and always looked dangerous going forward. However was also dispossessed a few times.


Alex Iwobi – 7

I still don’t think he’s up to the level his was last year; however he still had a decent game.


Lucas Perez – 8.5

Got a goal and played really well, I still don’t understand why Wenger doesn’t start him down the left hand side regularly, always looks a threat.



Oxlade-Chamberlain – 7

Maitland-Niles– 6.5

Alexis – 6.5

Arsenal 1 – Bayern Munich 5: Player Ratings

David Ospina – 6

To be fair to the goalkeeper although Arsenal did let in five goals you can hardly claim that any were his responsibility. Ospina also managed to pull off some brilliant saves to stop the score get any more embarrassing.


Hector Bellerin – 4

Normally a shining light down the right hand side, but really struggled against Costa.


Shkodran Mustafi – 3

Really awful at the back, would be nice to see Gabriel have his go at partnering Koscielny at the back or even Rob Holding come back in.


Laurent Koscielny – 6

As soon as he came off we conceded three goals in thirteen minutes, think that says it all.


Kieran Gibbs – 4

Not up to the same ability as Monreal, really struggled tonight.


Francis Coquelin – 2

He didn’t have any impact on the game tonight.


Granit Xhaka – 3

He had a great opportunity to score, played better than his other central midfielder, but not much so.


Mesut Ozil – 3

Mesut’s been in really bad form recently, looks more and more likely that he won’t be signing a new contract with the club.


Alex Iwobi – 3

I think it’s time to give Iwobi a break on the side line and try out other options on the flank.


Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain – 4

It was Chamberlain’s fault for the fifth goal; however he was one of the only players that looked interested.


Alexis – 7

Great goal; however why is he still taking penalties?



Gabriel – 3

Theo Walcott – 3

Olivier Giroud – 3.5