F.A provide details on overturning Gabriel’s red card

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The Football Association have provided the full details of why the Brazilians red card against Chelsea was overturned.

On reflection the F.A didn’t feel the flick out at Diego Costa was sufficient enough to be classified as violent conduct.

They said:

The members of the Regulatory Commission were unanimous in their decision that this act should not have been considered to be more than a caution offence and therefore the Referee had made an obvious error in dismissing the Player from the field of play.


The Commission concluded that the offence was aggressive but clearly fell short of violent conduct as defined by the laws of the game, namely that the act was absent excessive force or brutality.

It looks like the F.A think that the correct decision from the referee would have been a second yellow card and then a dismissal. The red card on the day wouldn’t have been avoided, but the three-game ban initially handed out would have. Therefore, the one-game ban he got for his improper conduct is the right amount of time.

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  1. I will suggest that the reff should be demoted at least for one month. That will serve as warning for others

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