Wenger – “What is important is the quality of what we will see tomorrow at 12:45”

After the Champions league defeat the Arsenal manager faced the press, here are some more quotes from the press conference ahead of the Chelsea game:

on whether the Champions League loss impacts the weekend game…

It’s easier to lose away from home than at home. Every defeat hurts but every defeat is also an opportunity to respond in a very strong way. Usually the different competitions do not link together too much on that front.

on whether resting players in Croatia has handed Chelsea the initiative…

No, in football you have to forget always cheap excuses and focus on what matters on the day, which is the performance on the day. If you want to make a career at a club without any disappointment, or individual disappointment, it is not possible. Your career is decided by how well you perform on the day that you have to perform. That is what matters on Saturday.

on returning late from Croatia…

I don’t use that as an excuse. I knew before the game in Zagreb that time would be short and I took decisions a little bit linked with that. We are in a position where we can perform tomorrow.

on the pressure on Chelsea…

These are very difficult situations to assess. There are always periods were things don’t go as well. We are used to dealing with that. It is less enjoyable when it doesn’t go well of course but I think everybody who has stayed a long time in the game knows that.

on media attention towards him and Mourinho…

Realistically people come to watch football and all the rest is a little bit secondary. What is important is the quality of what we will see tomorrow at 12:45 and you want people to focus on that.

on Petr Cech going back to his old club…

It is always difficult to go back to your club and play but I believe that he has fortunately handled that this season, [and] that is why I decided to play him as well in the Community Shield. It is the first step that is important and he has dealt very well with it.

Wenger – “I stand up for my selection and take responsibility for it”

After the Champions league defeat the Arsenal manager faced the press, here are some quotes from the press conference ahead of the Chelsea game:

on the Champions League game…

Overall the numbers were quite good for us as long as we were 11 against 11. Even 10 against 11 we had some chances but it was more difficult. I stand up for my selection and take responsibility for it, but I believe you can repair what happened. We are on a good run in the Premier League and it’s important now to look at that.

on only three teams qualifying for the Champions League instead of four…

It is a possibility that we will have to repair in the coming months. It’s not only the Champions League teams who are involved in that, it’s Europa League teams as well. We have suffered from the Europa League teams not having taken the competition seriously recently as well.

on the situation at FIFA…

I am first surprised and I can’t believe that. At the moment nothing is proven. I think [they are] accusations from one individual human being, you let the justice work. I can’t believe that the general secretary of FIFA sold tickets for his own profit – I don’t believe that, and I hope my belief is right.

Wenger – “We have enough games to come back”

The Arsenal manager believes that Olivier Giroud was unlucky to be sent off after the 2-1 defeat to Dinamo Zagreb.

“Yes, of course [it’s bad],” he told BT Sport. “We lost the game. It’s not the way we wanted to begin the competition.

“I think we were a bit unlucky today as well. Overall we faced a Zagreb side team who was committed.

“I think they got a lot of advantages today [from the officials] and ourselves, once we were two-nil down it was very difficult with ten against eleven players, especially against a team who defends in their half. We had to score two goals and it was too difficult.

“We gave it our all until the end, but unfortunately we couldn’t come back.”

Wenger also had a strong opinion off Giroud’s sending off:

“I think on the first yellow card he is unlucky because it’s a foul for us. On the second it’s an accident, he didn’t foul on purpose. They [Dinamo] got away many times with obvious fouls but without yellow cards.

“We have to take it on the chin and focus on the next game. It is like that. I think on the first yellow he was unlucky with the decision but he should not have protested.

“When you don’t win I have to look at myself. I deeply don’t believe that the loss is down to the fact we changed the players, but we haven’t won so I’m in the same boat as the players.

“We have enough games to come back, we focus to win our next home game and I’m sure we can beat Zagreb at home.”

Wenger – “Wilshere injury isn’t career-threatening”

With Jack Wilshere needing surgery to fix his broken fibula has come as an enormous blow to the Gunners, the English midfielder is set for no less than three months on the sidelines as he recovers from the injury.

Arsenal skipper Mikel Arteta says he and the squad will try and help the player in his recovery:

“He has an enormous talent and support from every department of the club, and from the players because we feel sorry for him,” he said.

“He has an amazing career ahead of him. We are responsible for putting that into his head every day and to not allow him to fall down because, at some stage, that is the danger; that he does not believe in himself or his body and he needs to trust himself.

“Jack unfortunately has had a lot of difficult moments, but he has shown a lot of character and enthusiasm. He needs to use it to prove he can get back.”

This is what the Arsenal manager had to say on the issue:

“This kind of injury is not career-threatening. I am not a specialist, but this was just an accident. It is a bone injury. It is not linked with the injuries he had before.

“There is nothing malicious in there, just a part of his bone that has not healed.”

Debuchy and Chamberlain to start against Dinamo Zagreb

The Gunners will be without both Hector Bellerin and Aaron Ramsey when they play Dinamo Zagreb for Wednesdays Champions League group stage game.

Neither the young right-back or midfielder made the trip to Croatia with the manager confirming that both players have been rested rather then being injured.

It looks like Mathieu Debuchy is the likely candidate to cover the right back position, whilst Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain will no doubt be hoping to play a part in the game instead of the Welsh midfielder.