Arsenal 1 – Leicester City 0: Player Ratings

After a day to reflect we’ve produced the player ratings for Arsenal’s much-needed win against the Premier League champions. The Gunners managed to finish the game 1-0, thanks to a Robert Huth own goal.


Petr Cech – 7.5
Didn’t have much to do but made a great save in the first half to deny Leicester. From taking the lead.


Gabriel – 7.5
Playing well as of late and that was the case again, solid at the back. Think this new formation really suits the player.


Laurent Koscielny – 8
Kept the defence organised, However, the knee injury he picked up late on in the game was quite worrying seeing as no one was near him at the time.


Nacho Monreal  – 7
Managed to get another goal, maybe it’s time to play him up top… Though I thought he plays better in the left wing back position, instead of one of the three at the back.


Hector Bellerin – 7.5
Got forward well, but his delivery in the final third was really poor.


Francis Coquelin – 7
Leicester sat back for most of the game, so there wasn’t too much to do for the player. Would have been better to start with a more attacking midfielder.


Granit Xhaka – 7.5
One of our most effective players during the 90 minutes, he manages to link up the play well and try and make things happen.


Kieran Gibbs – 7
Hasn’t played much this season but looked well, he’s a good player to bring on when we’re trying to defend a lead, don’t think he should be starting.


Mesut Ozil – 6.5
Nothing seemed to work for him tonight, worked the ball well but hardly anything to mention from the player.


Theo Walcott – 6.5
Went missing really, hardly got the ball.


Alexis Sanchez – 6.5
Gave the ball away a lot, though you can see why we start him when he can rattle the crossbar out of nowhere.  The throw-in incident at the end was also quite humorous and wasted a fair bit of time.


Danny Welbeck – 6

Olivier Giroud – 6

Aaron Ramsey – 6

Arsenal 2 – Manchester City 1: Player Ratings

A great win for the Arsenal and suddenly this season doesn’t seem too bad, with a place in the final of the F.A Cup. Whether we can actually win that game is a different matter, however, let’s just enjoy the moment for now.


Petr Cech – 6.5
Wasn’t good enough on the goal, should have come out a lot quicker! However, he made up for it with a great save from Yaya Toure’s effort.


Gabriel – 8.5
Easily the best game he’s had in an Arsenal shirt, defended really well and suits the new formation down to a tee.


Laurent Koscielny – 8
Solid as always at the back, it’s nice to see a defence that you’re confident in for a change.


Rob Holding – 8.5
It was a massive game for the 20-year old, nevertheless, he dealt with the pressure easily putting in a great performance at the back.


Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain – 9
Great cross for Monreal’s goal! Was going back and forth down the line superbly,  it looks like that right wing back position is suited perfectly for him.


Aaron Ramsey – 6
Worked hard all day, but he gave away the ball which led to City’s goal.


Granit Xhaka – 7
Was also responsible for City’s goal, he shouldn’t have been that far up the pitch and instead sat back on Aguero. Though he worked hard all day.


Nacho Monreal – 9
One of our best players today and even managed to get a goal for us, defended terrifically all game.


Mesut Ozil – 7
Not his best game in an Arsenal shirt, had quite a few chances to make a big difference in the game but he didn’t take them.


Alexis Sanchez – 7.5
Always loves a big game, managed to get the winning goal as well.


Olivier Giroud – 6.5
Don’t think he fits into this new formation, he played similarly against Middlesborough and we looked better when he went off. However, if he doesn’t get good service, we can’t really blame him for anything.


Danny Welbeck – 7

Hector Bellerin – 6.5

Francis Coquelin – 6

Arsenal 2 – Middlesbrough 1: Player Ratings

Arsenal - Middlesbrough 18-04-17

A much-needed win, however, it might be too late, with the Gunners needing to win pretty much every game from now until the end of the season to qualify for Champions League next year, it looks an impossible task.


Petr Cech – 7.5
Came back into the side after injury, played well and made some good saves, though he didn’t have anything thrown his way that was too challenging.


Gabriel – 7
Solid performance, played well in this new formation. Didn’t play well going forward but with three at the back, it’s probably best.


Laurent Koscielny – 7
Glad to see him back, the defence looks much more solid when he’s playing, though he managed to switch off for Middlesbrough’s goal.


Rob Holding – 7
Looks promising as always, would really like to see more of the player before the season ends.


Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain – 7.5
Played very well in this formation, it looks like the right wing back role could very much suit him.


Aaron Ramsey – 7
Got around well and also got the assist for the goal. However, whenever he got the ball the play seemed to go sideward or backwards.


Granit Xhaka – 7
Looked to get the ball forward whenever he got it.


Nacho Monreal – 7
A decent performance again but he let Downing cross too easily for the goal, but worked hard throughout the game.


Mesut Ozil – 7.5
Worked hard all night, tracked back well, which is very rare to see. Managed to get the winning goal as well and shush the critics.


Alexis Sanchez – 8
Gave away position a few times, but that free kick was absolutely sublime to get us ahead in the game.


Olivier Giroud – 7
Was quiet all game, but then again he hardly got any service. If we’re not going to cross the ball in, then I don’t see the point in playing the Frenchmen.


Hector Bellerin – 6.5

Francis Coquelin – 6

Arsenal 0 – Crystal Palace 3: Player Ratings

This must be the end, surely, with Arsenal fans singing “you’re not fit to wear the shirt”, I don’t think there’s any way of coming back from this, this is certainly the end for Arsène Wenger’s Arsenal.


Emiliano Martinez – 6
He’s really the least of our problems, we can’t be expecting world class saves from the third choice keeper. However was unlucky with the penalty and managed to go the right way, but still couldn’t save it.


Hector Bellerin – 6.5
Went well going forward, but looked shaky at the back. It might be time for him to spend some time on the bench, looks nowhere near like his former self.


Shkodran Mustafi – 7
Picked up a yellow, has started staying on his feet, but still looks shaky at the back.


Gabriel – 7
The better half of the two centre backs, but still hardly anything to brag about.


Nacho Monreal – 7
Another solid performance from Monreal! Win, lose or draw, Nacho always puts in a shift. However, he looked massively exposed at the back, due to the left forward not tracking back.


Mohamed Elneny – 6
After his good performance against West Ham I was hoping for more, however, that was yet to be the case, the only highlight was his shot going slightly wide.


Granit Xhaka – 7
His balls forward were our only threat, but then again half of them went wayward.


Theo Walcott  – 6.5
Captained the Gunners again, though it was a pretty poor show from him. That post-match interview he had summed up the state of the team at the minute, “They wanted it more”.


Mesut Ozil – 6.5
Nothing really worked for him tonight, has always looked shaky when playing away from home.


Alexis Sanchez – 7
Always tried to make things happen, but nothing did happen.


Danny Welbeck – 6
Went missing for all the time he was on, hardly even got a touch.


Olivier Giroud – 6

Aaron Ramsey – 6

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain – 6.5

Arsenal 3 – West Ham 0: Player Ratings

That’s exactly what we needed after our recent run of form, especially with Liverpool dropping points against Bournemouth.


Emiliano Martinez – 7
Kept a clean sheet for his first start of the season and managed to make two good saves.


Hector Bellerin – 7.5
Should have scored and picked up a stupid yellow card. However, he played well and is starting to look like his former self, although he’s still managing to get beaten for pace which would of never have happened last season.


Shkodran Mustafi – 7.5
Managed to cope well with Andy Carroll, also brought the ball forward well from the back.


Gabriel – 8
Was calm and collected throughout the whole game, was one of his best games in an Arsenal shirt. Hopefully, we can see more of this of this Gabriel.


Nacho Monreal – 7
He really should have had two penalties, the officials in the match were really diabolical! Although, he had another solid display, following on from the City game.


Mohamed Elneny – 7
Got in some great positions and kept the play following from back to front.


Granit Xhaka – 8
Starting to really come into his own, worked well with Elneny and his distribution was superb moving play from defence to attack.


Theo Walcott  – 8
Captained the Gunners and worked hard throughout the night, also managed to not throw a hissy fit when he got substituted.


Mesut Ozil – 9
Got an assist and goal, so you can’t really ask much more from a player. His confidence is starting to come back, which is great to see.


Alexis Sanchez – 7
Whenever he got the ball he tried to make something happen, which is what you want to see from a player. However, he did give the ball away a few times.


Danny Welbeck – 7
Never really got into the game, but who can blame him, as he’s still trying to get back to full fitness.


Olivier Giroud – 7

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain – 7

Aaron Ramsey – 6